April 3rd - April 5th

$100,000 in Prizes

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OneHacks is a completely free 2 day/48 hour virtual hackathon, open to all high school students. No previous coding experience is required!

Our Mission: To provide aspiring coders more opportunities for software and career development, so they can take their projects to the next level and lead to a more innovative future.

Hacker Resources

Feel free to fully take advantages of these resources just for you from OneHacks and our sponsors! Visit our devpost page for more information about our event.



Art of Problem Solving


Goliath Automation and Robotics





Interview Cake



Make School





What is OneHacks?

OneHacks will be a 2 day/48 hour virtual hackathon where teams of 4 or less compete to create the best coding project in the limited time period. We will have workshops and speakers to teach those interested in the subjects. In the end of the competition, the judges will decide the on top projects (best overall, best web app, best vr/ar app, best beginner project, best solo hack), and prizes will be awarded to those winners. We hope to help participants practice and develop programming skills at our event.

What's is the schedule?

Go to the third tab; our schedule is posted there.

What is the raffle?

We will be tracking hackers' attendance in speaker presentations and workshops as raffle tickets. At the end of the event, 5 tickets will be randomly chosen to win special prizes.

Any swag or participant gifts?

Yes! We will provide stickers and sponsored prizes for every participant, including:

- 3 months of hacker plan

- 30 days of Wolfram|One

- $120 worth of SashiDo credits

- 1 month Business Tier to EchoAR

- 30 day access pass for Interview Cake

- 3 months Premium membership for CryptoChicks

- 1 month Qoom starter plan

- 1 year Taskade Unlimited upgrade

Check our devpost page for more information. Additionally, T-shirts will be given to the winners of the event.

Is this an individual event?

No, you can have up to 4 people in a group. Bring some friends with you! If you do not have a group and want to be in one, there will be a group creating meeting after the opening ceremony.

Let us know if you'll be attending!